News Crew


May 20, 2019 News


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News Crew

Sponsored by:

Mrs. Lehman and Mrs. Poss


*5th Grade students

(Applications due in Spring as 4th graders)


*Meets Thursdays (3:15-4:15)


*2 Crews comprised of: director, 2 anchors, reporter, weather, 2 techs, and camera


*News airs most Monday mornings

Aug. 30th xAug. 30th x
Sept. 6th Sept. 10th Sept. 13thSept. 17th
Sept. 20th Sept. 24th Sept. 27th Oct. 1st
Oct. 11thOct. 15thOct. 25th Oct. 29th
Nov. 1st Nov. 5th Nov. 8th Nov. 12th

Nov. 29th

Dec. 3rdDec. 6th

Dec. 10th

Dec. 13th Dec. 17thJan. 10thJan. 14th
Jan. 17thJan. 22nd (Tues.)Jan. 24th Jan. 28th
Jan. 31stFeb. 4thFeb. 7thFeb. 11th
Feb. 14th Feb. 19th(Tues.)Feb. 21stFeb. 25th
Feb. 28thMar. 4thMar. 7thMar. 11th
Mar. 14thMar. 18thApr. 4thApr. 8th
Apr. 11thApr. 15th Apr. 18thApr. 22nd
Apr. 25thApr. 29th May 9thMay 13th


  1. click link below

  2. right click the video, SHOW CONTROLS

  3. click the SQUARE icon, bottom right to go FULL SCREEN


  1. Click the link below

  2. Right click the video, FULL SCREEN

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