Success in school depends on regular attendance. State law requires that parents ensure that their children attend class on the days school is in session. If your child will be absent or tardy past 9:15 a.m., it is your responsibiliity to call the school attendance line at (234-5609) by 9:15 a.m. and leave the following information:
*Student's Name, Grade, Teacher and Reason for Absence*


Early Release: If it is necessary for you to remove your child from the building during school hours, you must come to the office and sign your child out. We will call him/her to the office.


Prearranged Absences: If you know ahead of time that your child will be out of school, please be sure to pick up a Prearranged Absence Form from the office. A copy will be given to the child's teacher so that homework may be assigned. A two-day notice is requested for the teacher.


Tardies: Students are expected to arrive at school by 8:15 a.m. If your child arrives after 8:20 a.m. , they will need to report to the office to get a tardy pass in order to be admitted to class.


Reports: Daily and quarterly records monitor attendance/tardies, which are reported on the student report card.

 Prearranged Absences

It is the student's responsibility to check with each teacher to collect make-up work due to an absence(s). Work can be given prior to an absence if a teacher has been notified at least two full days before a student is gone. Any work received by a student before an absence is due the day the student returns to school.

 Absences: Illness/Events

 Make-up work received upon a student's return to school will be given one day for every day the student was absent. For example, if a student misses school Monday and receives their work Tuesday, the make-up work will be due at the beginning of school Thursday. The student gets all of Wednesday (one day) to complete the work.


Students are responsible for completing homework in a timely manner. They are encouraged to discuss problems with their parents or teachers as needed and to keep the lines of communication open. Students should complete homework consistently so that they may receive the maximum benefits of homework. Students (grades 3-5) will use their planner as a daily communication tool between home and school.
Parents should use the time guidelines to monitor children's homework progress. This will allow parents to know if children are receiving too much homework or not understanding a lesson.
Truancy Letter to Parents.pdf
Truancy-RTI plan.pdf


Students are responsible for collecting all missed homework assignments. Students may get assignments for planned absences prior to departure with advance notice. Two days' notice allows teachers to compile assignments. Teachers will assign homework that is within these time parameters with the awareness that children are already in school for eight hours a day and do have responsibilities and commitments apart from school. All homework assigned should have clearly-stated expectations and should be concise, meaningful, and relevant. Teachers will provide information on units of study, timely grading, and feedback on homework.


Parents should communicate any difficulties with the teacher . It is helpful if students have a set time to do homework everyday and a private area in which to work. Parents of students (grades 3-5) may check their students' planners for homework information.