Academy Edison 1998-2004
Academy Endeavour 2004-Present
School History
In 1998, Academy Edison/Endeavour, home of the astronauts, located at 3475 Hampton Park Drive, opened its doors as a Choice School under the leadership of Mrs. Lynn Kintz. The district worked in cooperation with Edison Schools to offer a unique learning experience for 530 students. The initial staff of 48 teachers was housed in the main building and five modular units.
Charleston Place had less than twenty homes built in the neighborhood when construction of the school began. Prior to the opening of the school, eighteen committees made up of staff, parents, community leaders and student groups were instrumental in all aspects of the procedures and protocol that were a part of the design and instructional options of the school. Committees selected the mascot (an astronaut), K-2 and 3-5 house names (planets of the Solar System), playground equipment, hallway murals of famous inventors and innovators, as well as a parent designed valet pick-up and drop-off system which continues to be in place at the school. These organizational meetings were held in family homes. Since the main building was not completed until the fall, teacher interviews were held in the model homes across the street from the school. The Fire Marshall was in attendance for the first work day due to the fact that the final building inspection had not been completed. Heidi Pace, a new home owner in Charleston Place, hosted the first staff luncheon.
With the creation of Academy Edison/Endeavour, there was a need for staff training in the new curriculum. The staff met for three weeks of training at El Pomar in July 1998. Training for Success for All Reading, Everyday Math, core values, technology, science and social studies instructional programs were completed prior to District Twenty's in-service days.
Two months after the school opened, Academy Edison hosted one hundred eighty visitors from across the nation. Guests observed instructional programs, asked questions of teachers, students, parents and administration. Academy School District Twenty administrative representatives and Edison Schools national officials discussed how partnership schools were part of Edison's design.
Programs unique to Academy Edison during its first five years were a longer school year, longer school day, structure of teachers for grade and vertical collaboration during the school day, daily professional development meetings, computers for each family, and curriculum coordinators. National support and frequent site visits assisted teachers in implementing instructional strategies by content areas. Jenifer Jones became principal in the third year of implementing Edison's design.
In the late spring of 2004, District Twenty ended its affiliation with Edison Schools. Academy Edison was renamed Academy Endeavour. Today, under the leadership of Bobbi Harper and a staff of sixty-two, Academy Endeavour is in its 18th year as a school of choice for 550 students. Although our name has changed, our commitment to providing a superior education to all students from District Twenty and surrounding districts remains the same.