Brenda Zabel

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I am a proud military brat who was blessed with many wonderful adventures while growing up. Wherever we were assigned, my parents always made sure we learned as much as possible about the area and culture. This sense of learning has stayed with me and is a big part of wanting to become an educator.
I graduated from Clover Park High school in Tacoma, Washington. I went on to earn my bachelor’s degree in business/accounting from the College of Santa Fe. While living in Albuquerque, New Mexico I had the wonderful opportunity to earn my Master’s degree in Special Education. I taught special education in both the elementary and high school levels for sixteen years. Through a joint program with Academy District 20 and the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, I had the good fortune to be chosen for the Cohort V where I completed the requirements for a Principal’s License.
I am very honored and excited to be able to serve the students, parents and staff of Academy Endeavour as the assistant principal.


I have two incredible daughters. My oldest daughter Elizabeth is a licensed therapist with the El Paso Co. Sheriff's Dept. and currently lives in Colorado Springs. Jennifer lives in Albuquerque where she is a neonatal intensive care nurse.