Welcome to Academy Endeavour Elementary!

If you would like a tour of our school, contact Shannon Alvarez, principal secretary.


Principal: Shelah Hansen


Assistant Principal: Brenda Keefauver

 Office Staff

Principal Secretary: Shannon Alvarez 



Receptionist: Kathy Foley


 Health Room

Nurse: Jamie Anderson
234- 5605

District Nurse: Andrea Ochs

 Before/After School Daycare

Our school's daycare is Imagination in Education through Junior Academy. If you would like to register, please call 651-4980 (IIE's cell phone) or 272-9070 (Junior Academy Headquarters).

 Academy Endeavour Elementary

aees map sat.JPG

3475 Hampton Park Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80920


*Located SE of the intersection of

N. Union Blvd and Research Parkway