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3475 Hampton Park Drive

Located SE of N. Union Blvd & 

Research Parkway intersection

​Boon Supply

Code = 1018529


2. Texting 1018529 to 888-886-0998

3. Order form and checks are made payable to AEES PTA

Simply Delicious

Code = 2003. 

1. Online scoolfundraising.com/ezpay

with school ID 2003 

($1 processing fee)

2. Order form and checks made payable to AEES PTA.

​186 Pounds of Candy!


November was the month of compassion. AEES had the opportunity to participate in the Candy-Give-Back event.

We collected 186 pounds of candy and a few letters!


Thank you to the following parents for delivering to several locations in our community:

  • Stacey Culver-Air Force Academy
  • Rachel Marjaniemi- Fire Station #19
  • Nicole Garitano-CSPD
  • Laura Lavallee- Memorial N. & Chidren's Hospital
  • Annette Bone-Fire Station #8

​Building student learning and emotional capacity to go #toinfinityandbeyond

​Visitors- ID

All visitors must present a photo ID to enter all D20 schools.

  • face the camera

  • speak clearly

  • push the button

  • do not tailgate

  • Do not hold the door open for people entering