Welcome  to  Ms.  Smith's  Class  


 Daily Schedule

 8:15 Morning  Work

 8:40 SFA 

10:00 Writing

10:55 Specials

11:40 Spelling 

12:10 Lunch  

12:50 Math

 1:55 Recess

 2:10 Social Studies

 3:00 Pack Up
 3:15 Dismissal


Students are required to read 20
minutes a night, Monday through Thursday. 

After they complete 20 minutes of reading, 
they are required to get a parent  signature in 
the planner.


Day 1--PE

Day 2--Spanish

Day 3--Art

Day 4--Music

 What We Are Studying In 4th Grade


SFA, Success For All Reading:   

We are reading Beezus and Ramona.   Beezus tries to be patient with her 4-year-old little sister, but it isn't easy.  A great story about family dynamics that many students can connect with.  The skill we are working on is Characterization -- determining the qualities of a character based on what they think and how the act in the story.


     1)  Fractions:  Comparing and ordering, Placing fractions on a number line, fraction equivalency

     2)  Decimals:  Comparing decimals using visual representations, common denominators, metric measurement


Research, Note Taking, Identifying Main Ideas and Supporting Facts

Social Studies: 

Geography:  Different types of maps, How to read and use maps, Characteristics that define the different regions in Colorado


Space: What causes day and night, Phases of the moon


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