Welcome to the Counselor's Page!

My name is Kimberly Kieffer and I've been an Elementary Counselor for 21 years now!  I've been at AEES for 11 of those years and spent 5 years working in Nevada and 5 years in Fountain, CO.  I'm originally from Long Island, NY and moved out west for my first job in education.  Elementary Counseling is my love and I couldn't imagine doing anything else!


I'm the mom to a third grader and an 8th grader. We also have a furry family member named Spark, an Australian Cattle Dog. We've had an active summer hiking, visiting historical places, whitewater rafting and I got a meat smoker.  It's my new obsession!

Please feel free to contact me at any time!

Kimberly Kieffer


 News and Updates!

This year, I'll continue teaching the Colorado Health Standards to all grade levels.  I also add in lessons based on ASCA standards that teach social

/emotional skills and study skills.  I will be teaching in the library this year, on Friday afternoons; and seeing each grade 5x/yr.  

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Fifth grade will also have an additional program called Riding the Waves.  This is a suicide prevention curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for 5th graders.  It teaches about emotions, coping skills for strong emotions, knowing when to seek help and how to ensure friends seek the help they need.  I'm really looking forward to implementing this new curriculum!  5th-grade parents will be getting a letter home about the program, I've attached it to the bottom of this page. More Information....

Girl's Reaching High will start September 9th!  Please watch for interest letters to come home in 4th and 5th-grade girls' Monday folders in mid-August.  The letter has information about the program and a place to sign up for the lottery.  Since the program is meant to build close bonds and I like to provide excellent supervision, space is limited to 14 girls.  I'll let families know about a week ahead who was chosen in the lottery and forward registrations. For those not familiar, Girls Reaching High is a girls' healthy life skills program. There is a learning component that teaches about friendship, peer pressure, bully awareness, encouragement, teamwork, and self-care. We also have a fitness component where we exercise and play active games. There are 3 optional hikes that will take place on Saturdays.  Any girl who participates will need to have a parent drive and attend with her.                  
This year we will be hiking Grayback Peak, Mays' Peak and Red Mt; they are all in the Colorado Springs area.  Interest Sheet -->

(This picture is from the summit of Grayback Peak. The kids got a kick out of the enormous ladybug colony that lives on the summit!)

I will be running groups for students through parent and teacher referral. I like to have a parent signed permission for participation.  The groups I generally facilitate include Divorce Support, Deployment Support/Military Kids, Friendship/Getting Along/Lunch Bunches, and Study Skills.  Most groups meet for about 9 weeks.