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Economics - Creating Day
  • Thursday,  February 21st
  • Students bring in their supplies to continue creating their good or service coupons​
Megan Larsen2/12/2019 9:42 AM


​M: None
T: Spanish & computers

W: Art

Th: Music

F: AMPS - 12:30-3:10


​Read for 20 minutes each night and have parent initial in reading section.


Monday: None

Tuesday: Practice facts

Wednesday: 5.11

Thursday: Practice facts


Students will continue reading Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl.   They will work on cause and effects.   For word power they will work on base word + ending.


On Tuesday students will work on our problem solving lesson.  On Wednesday they will learn another way to break facts apart to help them solve harder multiplication facts.  Example 7 x 6 they could break 7 into 5 and 2 ad do 5x6=30 and 2x6=12.  Then 30+12=42, so 6x7=42.  On Thursday and Friday we will work more with the attribrutes of polygons. 

Prodigy Game

Multiplication multiples songs


Mad Minute Multiplication

Multiplication Fishing - facts

Tony's Tires - facts

Bonk the Moles - facts

Holiday Fun - facts

Jungle Monkeys - facts

Multiplication Fact Games – site with huge variety

Apple Basket Division - facts

Drag Race Division - facts

Division Fact Games – site with a huge variety

STUDYJAMS ​​- a site that has videos on different math and science concepts.  Please refer to it to see if they have how-to videos on concepts you or your child might be confused on. 


This week they will finish their draft of their 2nd personal narrative.  We might have time to complete a 4-step lesson on irregular verbs.  

 Social Studies

On Tuesday, students will make their script for their commercial and film it during computers.  On Wednesday they will work on their budget.  Thursday they should bring items to work on creating more of their good or service coupons.  Friday we may finish our budget.


Regular Spelling Pattern: (sh)
The (sh) sound in initial, medial, or final position of a base word = sh (ship)
Examples: shook, sharpen, trash, freshen, cash, short, sash
Irregular words: we're, couldn't, they're


None until 4th quarter. 

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