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Welcome to Ms. Larsen's Third Grade Class!

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  Literacy Testing
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​M: Music 
T: PE 

W: Spanish & computers

Th: Art

F: PE *10:35


​Read for 20 minutes each night and have parent initial in reading section.


Monday:  No math - spelling worksheet (due Friday)

Tuesday:  TBD

Wednesday:  TBD

Thursday:  6.8


Students will finish  reading Protecting the Planet by Kate Boehm Jerome.  Students will work on cause and effect along with antonyms for word power.  Their test will be Wednesday or Thursday.


Monday students will finish their math test.  On Tuesday they will learn about multiplication and division digrams to help solve problems.  Then they will learn about using parentheses in number problems and apply those to word problems.  Friday they will learn about the Order of Operations. Students need to know the following for the test:

  • A container that is most likely about a liter
  • Look at 2 beakers and determine the total amount of liquid they contain
  • Number story involving milliliters
  • Using fraction strips to compare fractions and explain their thinking
  • Use a fraction strip to help create a fraction number line
  • Label a fraction on a number line
  • Compare fractions with the same numerator or same denominator (can use pictures, fraction circles, fraction strips, fraction number lines)
  • Label a fraction number line between 0 to 2 and answer questions about it then 0 to 3
  • Solve fraction number stories
  • Explain an error on a fraction number line
  • Solve a fraction collection problem

Prodigy Game

Multiplication multiples songs


Mad Minute Multiplication

Multiplication Fishing - facts

Tony's Tires - facts

Bonk the Moles - facts

Holiday Fun - facts

Jungle Monkeys - facts

Multiplication Fact Games – site with huge variety

Apple Basket Division - facts

Drag Race Division - facts

Division Fact Games – site with a huge variety

STUDYJAMS ​​- a site that has videos on different math and science concepts.  Please refer to it to see if they have how-to videos on concepts you or your child might be confused on. 


On Monday students will find out which animal they will be researching.  They will research and complete their notes Monday through Wednesday.  Then we will begin planning our paper Thursday and Friday.

 Social Studies

We will finish up immigration on Monday and be done with social studies for the year. 


Regular Spelling Pattern: (ō) & (ū)
The (ō) sound in initial, or medial position  of a one-syllable base word = o-consonant-e  (rope)

The (ō) sound in medial position  of a final syllable in a multisyllabic word = o-consonant-e  (explode)

The (ū) sound in initial, or medial position  of a one-syllable base word = u-consonant-e  (cube)

The (ū) sound in medial position  of a final syllable in a multisyllabic word = u-consonant-e  (dilute)


Tuesday students will start science.  They will learn about the layers of the Earth and about the Earth's crust. 

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