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During a late fall hike above tree line on Pikes Peak, a Marmot sprang up beside me on a boulder! Lucklily, I had my camera close at hand. 


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April 15, 2019

Reminders: No School on Friday. Teacher Professional Learning Day. 


Charlottes Web by: E.B. White

Charlottes Web is a four-week fictional novel about a girl who rescues a baby pig, nurtures it during the first few weeks of it's life and then watches it grow during the year on her uncle's farm. However the girl can hear what all the farm animals are saying which only adds to the plot of this story. The week four skill focus is to find text evidence that supports the plot or theme of the book. Word Power skills is syllables. The final test will be typed in the computer lab on Wednesday. 


Opinion First draft based on this prompt will be typed on Monday. On Tuesday, students can revise their final personal narrative papers. 

Students have been using Time for Kids articles to practice their response to opinion based questions. This week, they will create a plan and draft of an opinion paper based on the question; "Is Technology Making Us Rude?" 


Unit 7 Multiplying Fractions by a Whole Number and Measurement

Monday:7.5 Multiply Mixed-Numbers by a Whole Number

Tuesday: 7.7 Multi-Step Division Story problems. 

Wednesday: 7.7 continued.

Thursday: 7.8 Division Measurement Story problems. 


This week the class will learn how to create a circuit using a battery, wires and a mini-light bulb. 

Social  Studies: 

Chapter 5 Changing Colorado

This chapter will describe Colorado's changes as the territory moves toward applying for statehood. 

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