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I am thrilled to be a part of Academy Endeavour's Academic Support Team!

I was born in Michigan, but I grew up mostly in Ohio. I played many sports growing up.  I also loved playing with my sisters and brother. I have a husband and two children and we ski in the winter, bike and geocache when the weather is nice.   This summer my family and I visited seven national parks in southern Utah, Arizona and Colorado.  We love living in the west.

​All people become better at something when they practice.  Reading is no different.  Just like playing piano or playing soccer, more time spent practicing a skill leads to improvement.  All Academy Endeavour students should be reading 20 minutes otuside of school hours.  Additionally, weekend reading is highly encouraged.   For my class, please consider the reading homework sent home part of this 20 minutes.

​Please take the time to look at your child's reading binder.  This binder travels back and forth to school each day and on the weekend. 
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 Nightly Homework

1-3 Minutes: RAP Pages-Read RAP page(s) out loud with a viewing adult. If new RAP page was not assigned, reread previously assigned RAP pages with an adult who can view the pages at the same time OR choose a previous RAP page that was difficult and reread it.
3 Minutes: Rate Pages-Read aloud pages to a viewing adult.
1 Minute: Instant Words-Read out loud the most recent Instant Word page with a viewing adult.
1 Minute: Handwriting-Say the letter name out loud as it is written each time.
20 Minutes: Oral Reading-Read aloud to a viewing adult. Choose a book that can be read with 96% accuracy. This is considered Independent Level reading. Count errors on first 100 words to figure out accuracy. If you need help picking out a decodable book, please tell me.

 Reading Instruction

There is no reading curriculum that is a one size fits all.  I am trained in several Orton-Gillingham programs, and I use the best of each curriculum to provide the most prescriptive reading therapy possible in a small group setting.


I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Elementary Education.  I received my Masters degree from The University of Dayton.  I earned a Literacy Intervention Specialist Certification from Colorado College.  I have taught third, fourth, and fifth grade prior to specializing in language instruction.  My passion is teaching children to read.   

 Reading Essentials

Our brains aren't naturally wired to read like they are for speaking.  In addition,  written English is very hard to learn because it's comprised of Anglo-Saxon, Latin, and Greek layers of language.   Reading involves many brain tasks. One of these tasks is decoding.  Decoding is knowing what a letter or group of letters say in a certain situation.   I teach how to analyze the structure of written English so that readers can identify syllalbes.  A syllable type determines what sound the vowel will make. 

See the documents section for more detailed explanations and examples of each syllable type.

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